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The VSA hosts numerous training opportunities for professionals - see our events page for full details.

Laerdal Simulation User Network (SUN)

The Simulation User Network annual conferences across Australia are an education, training, and networking medical simulation event.

Monash simulation courses

Monash Simulation Courses provide a variety of simulation-based courses to a broad range of health professionals both internal and external to Monash Health, Melbourne:
  • Simulation Instructor Training, Monash Simulation - a training program designed to equip healthcare professionals with a strong foundation to develop and build core skills necessary to implement effective simulation education programs.


NHET-Sim is a nationwide training programme for healthcare professionals and educators who currently or intends to use simulation as an educational method to support the development of healthcare students and professionals. The programme consists of online modules and in person workshops on simulation-based education and has been developed and reviewed by leaders in the simulation field across Australia and internationally. Online modules and workshops include:
  • Core Modules
    • Simulation-based education: Contemporary issues for the health professions
    • Being a simulation educator
  • Electives
    • Being a simulation technician
    • Simulator fundamentals
    • Technology-based simulators and simulations  
    • Delivering technology-based simulations
    • Simulated patient methodology
    • Patient focused simulations
    • Virtual environments
    • Simulated learning environments: Programme management
    • Debriefing in simulation
    • Developing Scenarios
    • Teaching with task trainers
    • Simulation based interprofessional education (IPE).

Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne simulation courses

Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne simulation courses - the Royal Children's Hospital Simulation Program is aimed at improving the quality and safety of staff and children's care through the provision of this interprofessional simulation program. Our courses and programs have been categorised in three areas:
  • Clinical Programs -  training interprofessional teams around how human factors impact on clinical decision making during clinical events
  • Communication Programs -  focuses on training healthcare workers on key communication strategies during complex conversations between colleagues and families
  • Instructor Programs - Simulation Train the Trainer Program focuses on training healthcare workers to utilise all facets of simulation as an educational tool.

Melbourne Clinical Simulation Centre

Melbourne Clinical Simulation Centre - is an education and training facility committed to improving workforce learning and patient safety outcomes through the delivery of innovative simulation-based courses and programs, targeted towards improving patient care and the reduction of clinical risk.

The ACTION™ Course is a multi-professional programme to train staff in recognising patient deterioration and act appropriately in treating the acutely unwell.

St Vincents Hospital Clinical Education & Simulation Courses

St Vincents Hospital delivers tailored simulation based skills courses,  offering hands-on approach as well as theory and simulation scenarios:
  • Developing Debriefing for the Learner Centred Outcome.

Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation centre


University based simulation programs are available at the following institutions:


Centre for Medial Simulation Instructor Training

An international training program offered across various sites internationally. Immersive training for simulation leaders, healthcare educators and researchers who want to develop and maintain high-quality healthcare simulation programs through its Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS) Program. Our courses and workshops address both the clinical and behavioral aspects of performance from undergraduates to practicing clinicians with particular emphasis on interprofessional simulation-based education.

WISER - Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research

WISER  - Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research (WISER) is a world class US multidisciplinary training and research facility offering several courses and programs to help those in the simulation community improve their skills:
  • iSIM course - 3-day internationally renowned program, created in collaborative effort between WISER at the University of Pittsburgh and the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education at the University of Miami, is designed as an introduction to fundamental skills and abilities for delivering simulation-based healthcare education through a variety of techniques and technologies.

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