Photo of Dr Cameron Knott

Plenary speaker

Dr Cameron Knott

Intensive Care Physician, Austin Health & Bendigo Health

Cameron is an intensive care specialist interested in translational clinical simulation and person-centred healthcare system redesign aimed at improving workplace inter-professional team performance and healthcare system performance.

He is an intensive care specialist in the tertiary Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria, and the regional Bendigo Hospital, Victoria, Australia. Cameron holds a Master of Clinical Education and is an Honorary Clinical Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Austin Clinical School and Honorary Research Fellow at the Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre (HaBIC). Cameron is employed as the Academic Lead of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, Monash Rural Health Bendigo.

His with clinical support responsibilities as Austin ICU’s Education and Simulation portfolio lead, and the Bendigo Health ICU Clinical Performance and Innovation portfolio lead.

He volunteers for the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services & Australia New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) Centre for Resource and Outcome Evaluation (CORE) INSIGHT Group within the Safer Care Victoria Critical Care Clinical Network, Executive Committee for Australian Society for Simulation in Health Care (ASSH) and the ANZICS Datathon committees.

Photo of Tanya Edlington

Plenary speaker

Tanya Edlington

Director, The Conversation Clinic

Tanya Edlington came to simulation as an actress who needed to find employment opportunities and discovered the world of simulation, through working as a simulated patient. In the meantime, Tanya was developing her practice as a facilitator and educator in the corporate and community sector and realised that her skills in improvisational theatre were a perfect match for education in health care.

Tanya works regularly as a simulated patient for many universities and colleges, particularly in mental health, bereavement and other high emotions. 

She has partnered with Monash University to incorporate simulation into research projects about empathy and difficult conversations as well as co-teaching about simulated participants.

Tanya works with law firms and banks in multi day simulations that are used for development and assessment purposes and has project managed simulation projects for universities and health care providers. Tanya has also co-authored papers and chapters on the topic of simulated participants. She is the Director of The Conversation Clinic.


Plenary speaker

Associate Professor Stuart Marshall

Anaesthetist, Patient Safety Researcher and Educator

Stuart is an anaesthetist with research interests in simulation-based education and cognitive engineering. He has a Masters and PhD in Human Factors. His research has looked at how cognitive aids such as checklists and flowcharts affect team functioning during emergencies. 
He is currently undertaking an NHMRC research fellowship applying cognitive engineering principles to the management of clinical emergencies. Stuart is also the convenor of the International Clinical Skills Conference held in Prato, Italy every second year.
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